Daltron Makes Valentine’s Day Memorable

By Madeleine Pake


When Daltron celebrates a special occasion, they pull out all the stops! This Valentine’s period was no exception.

The Daltron retail team started the month with a special one month long promotion that consisted of two deals. Daltron shoppers had the option of purchasing a laptop at K999 and getting a bonus HP printer free of charge.

Deal two offered bargain hunters the opportunity to purchase their first laptop at K999 with the second at 30% off, at an enticing K699.

This month long Valentine’s promotion was punctuated with short 1 day events in between, one of which being the one day only Special Valentine’s Day Sale on February 14th. On this Day customers were able to purchase HP laptops at just K799.

National Retail and Marketing Manager, Ashwin Prasad, said although the Valentine’s period is meant for the exchange of chocolates and flowers, it was also a period where consumers needed to purchase electronic equipment to begin the year. Mr Prasad said that Daltron tries to understand the unique needs of its customers and meet them.

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