Daltron Introduces Easier Payment Methods

When John, a father of four, needed to buy a laptop for his eldest child for school he was pleased to find opportunities at Daltron that made his purchase easier.

“I was looking for a good deal on laptops. I wanted something that had all the necessities and was pleasantly surprised with the payment options the salesperson at Daltron offered me.”

Daltron understands the needs of today’s PNG customer in a difficult economy and offers its customers three payment options for all products on sale:

  1. Cash up front full payment,
  2. Hire Purchase,
  3. Lay-by.

The hire purchase option allows the customer to take the item of interest home for use while still making payments on that item. Periods of repayment vary between 6 – 18 months, where installment payments are made every fortnight through direct pay deduction via Courts Credit Scheme, until the full the term is complete. This option is available from the Daltron store located at Courts.

Customers can also purchase Daltron products through lay-by. Lay-by period spans across 3 months after the initial up-front payment. After payment completion, the customer can then pick up the item from the Daltron store at Waigani, where this option is available from.

No matter which payment option you choose when purchasing from Daltron, you can be assured that that you are getting a quality product, from a trusted Company.

Daltrons’ New Presence in Boroko

New to Daltron’s retail presence is their latest reseller in Boroko.  Situated within the Trophy Haus store, Daltron’s presence can be felt with their familiar, quality products that one would associate with the Daltron Brand.

This new location provides consumers with the ease of access to Daltron products without the hassle of travel time and expense, to Daltron outlets further away.


Daltron, the Laptop Kings, Do It Again!

Gone are the days of having to save well over K2, 000 to buy a personal laptop. As anyone will tell you the cheapest place in the country to buy brand new laptops are Daltron stores nationwide.

Head of Retail and Marketing, Ashwin Prasad says that the special deals on HP and Acer laptops will continue, making the once very expensive ownership of laptops affordable to the average Papua New Guinean.daltron_big_laptop

Currently both HP and Acer laptops are retailing for an unbelievable K999 – easily the cheapest price in town and looking at the specs of each laptop, it’s easy to see why this deal is value for money.

But that’s not all Daltron have up their sleeves to put money in the pockets of everyday people. Daltron marketing is now expanding by providing business minded Papua New Guineans and companies in provincial centers, the chance to become Daltron re-sellers.

This new opportunity allows the selected re-seller to not only resell quality products but also sell under a brand name people trust.