Cyber Security Department

Organisations have an obligation to their partners and customers to protect information and information assets. With the massive growth of the Internet and Cyber-crime being at epidemic proportions, securing information on IT systems is a huge challenge.

Organisations must operate their IT systems with the knowledge they are secure and monitored from criminal activity. The consequences of not ensuring this basic requirement are direr. Cyber Criminals will target and exploit weak IT system security where ever they can. Banking, Government and Corporate organisations viewed as trust worthy are used to conceal the true identity of the criminal activity. Cyber criminals will try to “pin” the criminal activity on trust worthy organisations.

Data and identity theft is also a huge risk. Both of these activities have been well documented in the press. Identity theft is common. The impact to individuals can be devastating and far reaching. Data theft is also common and sold to the highest bidder. Data on Banking, Government and Corporate operations is extremely valuable and should be fully secured.

Daltron is extremely concerned about the rate at which this type of crime is affecting Banking, Government and corporate organisations in PNG and has invested in building a Cyber Security Department to assist PNG to fight back and take back control of the Cyber space.

The penetration testing is the first step in the fight. “Black” and “Crystal” testing provides a detailed understand of the current security posture giving a baseline from which to start to build the defense system. It contextualizes any vulnerabilities both external and internal discovered and determines a view from an attacker’s perspective and subsequently provides an accurate risk profile.

The Cyber Security services Daltron provide help in the development of a secure but usable cyber security profile. Cyber security is an ongoing process. Constant monitoring and updates are required. Bi-annual audits need to be carried out to keep on top of the constantly changing landscape of cyber-crime. Millions of new attacks are bombarding Banking, Government and Corporate organisations every year. Daltron encourages organisation to take up the Managed Service offering for cyber security so your security platform is constantly monitored, improved and any suspicious activity reported immediately.

Daltron is able and dedicated to help PNG in the prevention effort.